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Secure Your Valuables in BlazeMeter API Monitoring

We take security measures very seriously. So we're offering you an additional way to “secure” your valuable information via our Secrets Management feature for your API monitoring tests at BlazeMeter. Here's how.

Stress Testing With BlazeMeter: How The New York Times Prepared for the Election Season

In this post, we’ll share the use case of how the New York times prepared for the US elections and what Stress Testing strategies were implemented to prepare their systems.

How to Maximize Your Existing Investments in Service Virtualization with BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter's Service Virtualization Bridge and Blazemeter VSE along with SVEE enable you to enhance on-premises functionality, share and reuse services, and drive adoption.

What is Postman and How to Use it for API Testing

When it comes to API testing, we have a lot of ways and tools to do it. In this post you will find out what an API is and how to use Postman to test it.

How to Create Automated Tests for Salesforce Lightning Applications with BlazeMeter

Read how BlazeMeter solves the challenges of Salesforce Lightning and to see a step by step explanation of how to create and run an automated test on a Salesforce Lighting app.

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Web Components and Shadow DOM: Why and How to Use Them

Learn how to use web components, the challenges with Shadow DOM and Selenium and the BlazeMeter solution. Become a functional testing pro.

Test Automation in Practice, a Tutorial

In this blog article we’re going to give a practical introduction to Test Automation. We will start from scratch, go through recording functional and performance tests, automate those test executions

How to Use BlazeData to Get Reliable Data for Your Functional Tests

Test data is required to run each and every single test. But getting data is not always easy. Learn to use BlazeData, a new BlazeMeter feature for developers and testers to get relevant test data for any scenario.

Introducing BlazeData: Build Test Data On-the-Fly

Introducing BlazeData. Now users of all skill levels can quickly and synthetically generate data for any UI functional test. Get started.

Creating a Mock Service from a BlazeMeter API Monitoring Response

Learn how to create a Mock Service, from the response to a BlazeMeter API Monitoring (Runscope) test.

Introducing SV4dotNet (SV For .NET): A New BlazeMeter Offering

We are proud to announce the availability of SV4dotNet. Developers on the .NET platform to create Virtual Services as a part of their unit testing. Let’s see how. 

Integrating .NET Code with Service Virtualization and BlazeMeter VSE

.NET developers now have creating, updating and deleting (CRUD) capabilities for the virtual services provided by Service Virtualization and BlazeMeter VSE.

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Getting the Full Application Picture with BlazeMeter and APM Integration

APM tools provide metrics for monitoring and managing the performance, availability and user experience of software applications. Learn how to use APM metrics with BlazeMeter and which metrics to look out for when testing.

How to Eliminate Software Testing Constraints with BlazeMeter Mock Services

Mock services simulate the behavior of the dependent systems when software testing. Single out components, integrations and performance, and test their stability and reliability.